Decisions about Marketing

On Sunday 05th February I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely lady, her husband and her two awesome dogs. I would like to introduce you to Dawn Wills, Marketing Guru at Hertfordshire based

Whilst attending a networking event Dawn was giving a presentation on copy, how to write blog articles, and how what you write effects your google search rankings. For some reason I appeared to be the only one taking notes. At the time I was struggling with the idiosyncrasies of a Wordpress blog and website. I am convinced to this day you have to have some knowledge of code to make their websites work for you effectively. The point for the reader of this article is simple. I took my notes and implemented the changes Dawn suggested the next day and with almost immediate effect my website and social media links appeared on the front page of a google search. Awesome! Dawn is very friendly and professional and if you are in need of some assistance or service in the field of marketing, give her a call.

After some bribery and male-dog bonding her brace of canine superstars were brilliantly behaved  and we all had a fun Portrait shoot. As well as developing this new website I was able to send Dawn a new service in the form of an app on her phone to directly display her gallery of images so she can view and share them with her family and friends on social media. 2017 is looking Up!



Dawn Wills of Decisions Marketing

Dawn Wills of Decisions Marketing