A step in time

 Occasionally you have a conversation with someone and you realise there is something different about them, The way they look, the way they hold themselves, the way they speak, etc etc, and usually one of these traits would stand out above the others and be quite prominent. This is Kevin Bromley. He is a podiatrist working from a very well equipped clinic in the lovely village of Bennington in Hertfordshire. Firstly, his posture is always immaculate, sitting or standing, he is articulate and very well spoken with a calm professional manner which gives you confidence in his professional abilities.He also favours a white shirt and tie with what I would describe as one of his trademark waistcoats, which lends him an individual style and look. I got the impression Kevin doesn't generally like too much fuss as he explained he had never really had a sitting for a photographic portrait but after a few bad jokes and some coaching he settled into it and we got some great headshots. Afterwards I was given a tour of his clinic and instruction on how to get up and down from a chair correctly (I wasn't really aware up untill this point there was a particularly right way) but it was fun and informative and a very useful exercise, especially as I have a lower back injury. Having listened to Kevin talk about his work it is clear he takes a very holistic approach, stressing the need for the right mindset when being treated. I have no idea how many Podiatrists there are in any given area, but if you need help and you can get to the A10 corridor why not give Kevin a call?