Should photographers be worried?


This video is worrying a lot of Photographers, But should it really? a couple of very smart guys have found a way to cross pollinate Uber with airBnB and allow consumers to have cheap photography within 12 hours of ordering an "Expert'. Now please watch the video and explain to me how anyone is making any money? The photographers signing up to this are getting work, but any job they do is costing the photographer a lot more in real terms than Snappr is making.

They say photographers are being vetted to make sure the clients get very good quality images, but I can see flaws in this that are cavernously wide, Photographers taking on work and not being able to complete as they are overbooked. Not being paid on time as cash flow will be critical. No allowance appears to be made for MUA/Props/Wardrobe/travel/food/equipment hire/post processing/sales products/delivery to client the list goes on and on.

So many of the industry giants warn that under pricing yourself is commercial suicide, there is a cost of doing business and each job has to exceed that figure in order for you to make any profit at all. Real Professional Photographers will continue to provide a superior client experience and provide the best quality service and products on the market. They can do this because of their experience, skill and technical know how plus their relationships with vendors and ability to communicate and direct and coach their client to Illicit a response that is worthy of the clients needs within the image(s) final purpose. I can see a lot of Photographers signing up to this and a lot of subsequent casualties along the way.

I could be wrong of course, but when you see how much controversy has surrounded Uber and the people who work for them, I am only worried for the long term well-being of the Snappr employees.

Have a great day!