(1/60th sec at 2.8 #3) A word about Headshots

Don’t forget to think about getting your Social Media headshots updated, if they are more than a year old they should probably be updated as potential clients will immediately notice the difference when they meet you from the images they have seen and think “Hello, what else are they hiding from me?” 


It seems insignificant but if that is their first Impression, don’t you think potential clients are looking for someone who is constantly evolving and moving forward? it gives an impression of being on top of your game which can’t be a bad thing!


I know I’m boring and nerdy, but I have studied this stuff, and because it’s a case of being in for the long game, and everyone wants ‘instant’ that is what is stopping them and that is why it will let them down in the end. You only have to look at what has been happening with Gary Veynerchuk, ( Social Media guru at Veynermedia,,Senior stakeholder in Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter) and Chase Jarvis (Creative Live CEO)to see how the environment for social media interaction has changed.


 Like I said in my 60 second elevator speech, we have had the era of Radio, Television, Desktop computers and Laptops, today it is Smartphones!


 The technology advancements mean more and more business tasks will be completed on the smartphone platform, which is why all websites and social media platforms have to be Smartphone friendly and your profile pics have to be clean, communicative and show you as the professional, approachable expert in your field that gets potential clients to call you in the first instance.


As Marko Pierre-White has often said, "Perfection is lots of little tasks done well”. 


Let me deal with the (Not so little task) of providing your business headshots, You will be professionally coached and directed to get the best possible images that convey who you are now, and where you want to be in the future.


You will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective this can be and the rewards will FAR outweigh the tax-deductible outlay incurred.


I’m passionate about providing the best headshot service possible to local businesses, I really believe it could be both a breath of fresh air to your company and a USP for my emerging photographic specialisation!


I look forward to being of service to you now and in the future.


Please contact me in the first instance at kevin@kevincullphotography.com to arrange a free consultation.


My kindest regards,