Perceived and Real Costs of Headshots

Earlier today I mentioned I would be putting out a post in relation to Headshots and their real, compared with their perceived costs.

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Well I would like you consider this; Yes your friend with his Apple iPhone 7 can flip it to portrait mode and get a nice shot of you that emulates a quality telephoto lens at full extension, and at it’s widest aperture rendering the background out of focus for that “Professional” look. 


Well here is a disclaimer, those of you who know me know how I spend a lot of time following some of the worlds top Entrepreneurs, and I have spoken at length about how if you are not looking good on that said iPhone with professional headshot and social media profile pictures you are doing yourself an enormous injustice. We live in a world where you are judged as much about your LinkedIn profile as you are about how many followers you have on your Twitter account, or even the quality of your work!


We have lived through the era of the Radio, Television, Desktop computers and laptops, Retail is losing attention hand over fist; We are in the era of the Smartphone, they are only getting smarter and they are not going away! 

More and more business is being done on them and that’s where everyone’s attention is.


This brings me back to your friend with his phone. On the face of it you have already won, the images are cheap if not for free, easy to format for profile pictures if you know what you are doing and like I said the phone is where everyone’s attention is. 


His/her image is likely to be in a JPEG or HEIC format (know what that is?) and guess what, it will always look it’s best on a smartphone, technology is wonderful and there are many amazing iPhone photographers out there, I am a fan of many of them. However if you want to be taken seriously as a professional business person and show the world you are savvy enough to have given this some serious thought you will also realize that you will need the images in multiple formats. 


For your Portfolio obviously where they need to be properly processed, profiled and printed to perfection. For your internal/external correspondence, newsletters, press releases, blog posts, HR, and marketing materials to name a few.


Many photographers provide a Headshot service, but I challenge you to really analyze what you want the end viewer to see. Do you want to look like everyone else or do you want to stand out. For a professional headshot to work the key is the engagement with the viewer. And a successful image will, through careful professional direction, making you feel confident and comfortable and in the case of a CEO induce trust and respect from his peers and employees and a willingness to be engaging, confident and professional when approached at a business level from their prospective clients. 


For Artists/Actors and other creatives you must stand out because your personality strikes a chord with the creative/art/casting director and you want them to see your USP which is your personality, and a unique look that is what sets you apart from the sea of images in front of them at any one time.


When was the last time you had these images updated? We live in a rapidly progressing market place where professional photographs are an essential element in getting you seen and heard.


Be honest with yourself, looking at your current Social media, Profile images, Correspondence, Headers/Banners and Marketing materials ask yourself the question; “Do they give the viewer the information they need to take the leap and arrange a meeting with you?”


Why not start the New Year with new, fresh engaging, and professional looking images that set you apart and give you the boost you need to start the year with renewed drive and success!


The perceived costs?


Must be a fortune!, no one is going to do this without blowing my annual marketing budget in one foul swoop!



The real costs?


I don’t know, am I photographing a CEO, An Artist, Model, or Actor?

Is it one person or a whole department? Will I need a few minutes, a few hours or all day?


What I can guarantee you, compared with effect of low quality images in all the above situations, The cost effectiveness and positive effect on your perceived professionalism and approachability and therefore the value I will bring to your business will shock you!!


What are you waiting for?


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