Long term ROI, short term investment!

Hi my name is Kevin Cull and I’m a locally based Headshot and Portrait Photographer. I am extremely grateful to be able to to do what I love which is bring out the best in people and make them look fabulous whilst capturing for them a unique moment in time. I am committed to providing local businesses with high quality images for use in their internal communications, Social Media campaigns and profile avatars.

Communication everywhere is changing.Our parents have lived through the era of radio and then television. We have lived through the era of the desktop computer and mobile laptop. We are currently in the age of the smartphone and as these devices get more and more sophisticated the need for a professionally crafted headshot easily seen on this platform is no longer an option, it’s a pre-requisite of anyone wishing to be taken seriously in business.

1: Do you have a current portrait easily found on your website?

2: Does your business portraits and profile images have a clean non-distracting background?

3: Are your profile pictures showing you as an approachable professional?

4: If a Human Resources department or other professional colleagues look at your linkedin profile would they see someone who has taken the time to show themselves off in the best light?

5: Do you care?

If the answer to any of the above questions other than 5 is “no” then I would suggest there is a very good case to get them updated. I know you don’t have time to go to a specialist studio in London. I know your diary is full and the most you could spare is half an hour on this day and forty-five minutes on another. If only there was a reliable professional headshot service that would come to you, Set up appropriately with a minimal footprint, get the job done with the minimum of fuss and deliver the product in a professional timely manner. Someone who is cost effective,you can rely on and who is not in it for the quick fix now, but for whenever he is needed in the future?

Why not contact me and arrange a sitting?

Kindest regards,